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May 21 2018


me: [considers coming out to someone]

them: [says something homophobic]


May 20 2018


Working for survival in late stage capitalism does awful things to your concept of “leisure activities”

When you have to devote so much of your time to working just to make enough money to stay alive, what little free time you do have becomes this precious jewel that you can’t bear spending improperly. You have to use the time RIGHT, on the right activity, that will result in the most quantifiable enjoyment and possible skill development for future endeavors, because god only knows when you’ll ever get that time again. But for a person like me, who has a lot of anxiety and guilt issues that tend to manifest as executive dysfunction, that just means wanting to do something, but then worrying so much that it won’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, or won’t be immediately apparent as obviously enjoyable that I never actually DO it. And then just ending up mindlessly clicking through youtube and feeling all the worse afterwards. 


Why is every post about “cop propaganda on TV” about brooklyn 99, a lighthearted comedy, and not Cops, a 30-year-long show whose entire content is “Watch Officers Chase Down and Arrest These Horrible Criminals In Real Life to Keep You Safe” that has actually been studied to vastly over-represent black men as perpetrators and white people as victims or non-violent offenders and has a measurable effect on its viewers perceptions of police and of races different from their own.

Weird how one of the most diverse, inclusive comedies on TV right now is taking the most criticism in this area.


my attention span as a 10 year old: *reads the Lord of the Rings trilogy in like two sittings*

my attention span now: *checks internet every 10 minutes during important task, opens new tab of same site I’m already browsing and got tired of*

May 19 2018

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this was in the netherlands and there were also two at my local bus stop, its been the poster ive seen replaced the fastest :/

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Here’s my empowering warrior armor for Magic Meat March! Got it done just in time! I made the whole get-up out of leather, save for the shoes and the prop dagger. I just went to town this week with the strap cutter and the rivets. 

It’s got a jointed spaulder for the shoulder, held in place by an asymmetric harness, zig-zagging down to a supple pouch to hold the necessaries comfortably in place. Onto this attaches a cuisse to guard the thigh. 

Then there’s some accessory pieces: A thigh piece made of three panels laced together; an arm band with shearling trim for warmth; and a corset-like bracer to protect the wrist and forearm. Oh, and there’s that mass of straps for the left arm. I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to be for.

If I’d had a bit more time I was planning on adding more fur trim to the other pieces, but since it’s spring time now I don’t think that’s necessary. Wouldn’t want to overheat, after all. That extra padding would just get in the way during a battle anyway.

More photos here 

Now that is some fine craftsmanship and pure real-life male empowerment

Not only that, the design is so on-point! Love how the straps zig-zag across the model’s torso, with pauldron and codpiece/thong as the pivotal leverage points. 

Thank you, @armoreddragon, for joining the ranks of confident men ready to show us what real armor equality looks like! 


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I missed drawing this little marshmallow


rare pair hell is legitimately a form of torture.

old rare pair hell is like the final circle of hell.

it’s just you, five dead livejournal blogs and ur stupid fuckn one-sided rants to any poor friend who’s dumb enough to let u talk,



imagine thinking you’re too woke to enjoy Brooklyn Nine Nine lmaoooo

by this i mean, imagine thinking that “I don’t watch it because it’s cop propaganda!!” is a more progressive stance than “I can watch and enjoy this genuinely very funny TV show that features a diverse cast in gender, ethnicity and sexuality, that doesn’t stoop to stereotypes and also tackles serious subject matters like police brutality, gun violence, systematic racism, homophobia and lgbt struggles and being a woman in a male dominated world and work force. I can simultaneously acknowledge that this show doesn’t depict actual police officers and my enjoyment of the show doesn’t in any way detract from my acknowledgement and anger towards the behaviours of too many real US police officers. And me laughing at Andy Samberg singing Backstreet Boys doesn’t make me any less capable of loathing officers that allow racial profiling to colour their behaviours and lead to the use of excessive force towards and the mass incarceration of poc. This is because my enjoyment of pop culture and my ability to critically analyse the world are not mutually exclusive and i have an understanding of nuance and context.”

May 18 2018

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Now that Thanos has all of the Infinity Stones, there’s only one being that can stop him…


forbidden pocky


me at age 10: caramelldansen Good

me at 12-13: god……why did i listen to that embarassing crap

me now: caramelldansen Good


me: *rocks up at Maccas*

counter bloke: oi mate what ya want ay

me: hmmm… what should i bloody get. ol mate chrazza, fuck should i order?


ol mate chrazza: get the fuckin whopper deal bigfella. you’ll need the strength to wrestle crocodiles and dingoes simultaneously

me: aw fuck yea dickheads right as usual

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Watch your back out there in the wild.

God I love snow leopards

A+ enrichment too!

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